Eyebrow Mapping & Symmetry: Fixing Uneven Eyebrows with Microblading

Having perfectly balanced and symmetrical eyebrows is a goal many of us aspire to achieve. Whether dealing with naturally uneven eyebrows or seeking to fix asymmetry, microblading offers a transformative solution where symmetry transcends from a mere aesthetic aspiration to a mastered art form. In this blog post, we will explore the art of eyebrow symmetry and understand how microblading can fix uneven eyebrows.

The Beauty of Symmetry & Eyebrow Mapping

Think of each eyebrow as an exquisite frame for your eyes, enhancing your natural beauty and adding harmony to your unique facial features. And while some may think balanced brows require perfect symmetry, remember that it’s completely normal if one of your brows is a bit more rebellious than the other. 

While facial symmetry and proportionate features are considered the most impactful features for adding true icon status beauty — the journey to fixing uneven eyebrows and achieving that oh-so-desired symmetry isn’t about crafting mirror images. Instead, it’s about creating a harmonious balance that complements your distinctive facial features. As we often say, “eyebrows are like sisters, not twins”, never rings more true

Our approach to eyebrow mapping is realistic, and the results, above all else, are naturally stunning and utterly beautiful. Embarking on this transformative journey can give you a newfound sense of confidence, enhancing your looks and the graceful way you carry yourself.

Step into the world of symmetry and balance as we understand the art behind balanced eyebrows.

Causes of Uneven Eyebrows

Uneven eyebrows can result from a myriad of factors, ranging from our grooming habits to our genetic makeup. By understanding what causes uneven eyebrows, we can address the issue and start you on your journey to balanced, symmetrical brows.

  • Over-plucking — One of the most common culprits behind uneven brows is over-plucking. Over time, excessive plucking can damage the hair follicles, leading to sparse or irregular growth. The pursuit of the perfect shape can, ironically, lead to a pair of uneven or thin brows.
  • Health — Your health can also contribute to uneven eyebrows. Conditions like thyroid disease, alopecia, or facial nerve paralysis can disrupt eyebrow growth or create asymmetry in facial muscles, resulting in an eyebrow higher than the other. 

Changes in your weight can also create the opportunity for your brows to cut the cord and stray away from each other — especially when weight gain or loss occurs unevenly. While changes in the body are normal as we age, it’s important your brow technician performs a new eyebrow mapping service to match your treatment to your current facial features.

  • Nature — More often than not, uneven eyebrows happen naturally. As beautifully imperfect humans, our faces are not mirror images of each other. It’s quite common for one side to be slightly different than the other, causing one brow to appear higher or fuller, adding to the charm of perceived unevenness.

So, take, for example, the bone structure of a face, it’s pretty normal for one brow bone to be slightly more curved or rounded than another, therefore, one may appear flatter or sit slightly square.

Even your sleeping position can affect eyebrow symmetry! If you sleep on one side of your face more often than the other, this can affect the eyebrows, too. Sleeping on one side means some hairs may be brushed off or overworked, which will impact natural growth and the way the eyebrow sits.

And, just to make your eyebrow symmetry goal that little bit harder, for us microblading eyebrow artists, the way the hair grows on each eyebrow can be different as well! One eyebrow can have hair that grows straight up towards the hairline, and the other has hair that sits straight along the brow bone or even points down towards the eye.

  • Age — Lastly, the ageing process can lead to eyebrow asymmetry. Our skin tends to lose its youthful elasticity as we age, and our facial muscles might perform a little droop or sag. This natural ageing rhythm can influence the position and shape of our eyebrows, leading to a sense of asymmetry. 

Sometimes, it just seems like the universe is against us when it comes to perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. But whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of over-plucking, facing health challenges, or simply embracing nature’s handywork, XoBrows is here to help you navigate your path to eyebrow alignment.

Microblading: A Solution for Uneven Eyebrows

There are many tricks to create the illusion of perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows. Trimming, waxing, tinting and tweezing… Just to name a few. But nothing truly works better than semi-permanent microbladed eyebrows.

Imagine waking up with a fresh set of fluffy, full and perfectly filled brows every single morning. Yes, we are talking no make-up, no pencilling, no filling, shaping or grooming. 

What if we told you that that is all possible with microblading that’s been guided by thorough eyebrow mapping?

Microblading is an innovative technique that has revolutionised the world of beauty, offering an effective solution for those dealing with uneven eyebrows. This ingenious and minimally invasive semi-permanent tattooing technique empowers eyebrow experts to meticulously etch each brow stroke, adding fullness, restoring balance, and enhancing your natural charm.

Microblading is a delicate art, a carefully orchestrated process that includes the following:

  • A comprehensive consultation to understand your unique desires and needs. In this consultation, we will cover everything from questions to eyebrow symmetry, setting expectations on what we can achieve with microblading eyebrow shaping.
  • Strategic use of a microblading tool to create an eyebrow mapping for ultimate symmetry.
  • Delicate creation of feather-like strokes to fill sparse areas, rectify imbalances and get you to step into a low-maintenance, high-confidence, you

Microblading Tools & Process

The microblading stage sees our artists wielding a specialised tool to create precise, hair-like strokes that echo the natural direction and shade of your eyebrow hair. This process fills bare areas and masterfully shapes a new brow in perfect harmony with your facial structure. It’s the answer to how to fix naturally uneven eyebrows, considering the nuances of your face and individual aesthetic preferences.

Over the years of working as eyebrow microblading artists, we have proudly developed our own unique shaping technique, which took years to perfect. The secret to achieving symmetry, and the reason why eyebrow tattooing/eyebrow microblading is the very best choice when it comes to achieving brow symmetry is called the golden ratio.

The golden ratio determined the proportions where we use a microblading divider tool and measurer to achieve the perfect eyebrow mapping.

According to the golden ratio, brows should begin directly above the centre of the nostrils and where the corners of the nostrils align with the outer corners of the eyes. The highest point of the arch should align the tip of the nose with the centre of the iris. Yes, there’s a lot more maths than you’d think!

For us and our Sydney microblading girls, brow microblading beats all other brow treatments when it comes to achieving symmetry. It’s a semi-permanent, unique, personalised, hand-drawn and hand-measured technique, that upgrades your beauty game.

Imagine a world where you no longer have to ponder, “Why are my eyebrows uneven?” With microblading, it’s entirely possible. It has the power to transform uneven brows, creating a beautifully balanced pair that enhances your overall look and restores your face’s profile.

Can Microblading Fix Uneven Brows?

If you are still wondering if microblading can fix asymmetrical eyebrows. At XoBrows, we can assure you. We’ve seen countless transformations through the art of microblading, facial mapping, and we continue to strive to help every client achieve their ideal brow shape. Embrace the magic of microblading and step into a world where every day is a good brow day.

For example, one of our clients came in with one eyebrow noticeably higher than the other, i.e., eyebrows not symmetrical. We can address concerns like one eyebrow higher than the other and even rectify uneven eyebrows after microblading.

By lowering one brow and giving a gentle lift to the other, we achieved a harmonious eyebrow alignment that transformed her look profoundly. And the newfound confidence that sparkled in her eyes? Priceless.

It’s crucial to remember that the path to perfect brows takes time. Initial healing may give the impression of uneven microblading or disappearing strokes, but don’t worry. Your new brows will go from too dark to too light to just right.

You can learn more about the healing process and aftercare through our FAQ or on the Brow Blog.

What Other Treatments Can Address Eyebrow Symmetry?

When it comes to figuring out “Can microblading fix uneven eyebrows?” The answer is a big yes, but for some people who have allergies to certain pigments or are pregnant and don’t want to wait to bring their brows back in line, there is more than one way to capture your eyebrow symmetry.

Even if you have microbladed or ombre brows, you still need to book your eyebrows in for some TLC. An Eyebrow Shaping And Waxing treatment will ensure you don’t have hair out of place. That means no flyaways, trimming follicles to an even length and sculpting them with eyebrow mapping and morphology in mind to ensure your facial features are always in proportion.

One of our favourite treatments for maintaining eyebrow symmetry is to couple your microblading with brow laminations. Designed to reset and reshape your follicles for maximum density and volume, it helps you keep an on-trend, event-ready look for everyday wear. With a totally pain-free and short treatment, you can cast your brows in deep definition to ensure the flick of your brow’s arch falls naturally in place.

We get it, sometimes, our brow’s hair follicles can naturally and prematurely lose their colour. But it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Our henna eyebrows and brow tints allow us to colour match your brows to your original colour or opt for a new shade to try something different. Over a quick session that can be performed over your lunch break for some extra self-care, we can help renew the look of eyebrow symmetry where lightly coloured follicles give the impression of a sparse fill and misalignment.

How to select a microblading technician to address asymmetry

Amazing, you’ve made the right decision and realised microblading is the best treatment to improve eyebrow symmetry. But with results that can last up to three years where pigment is deposited into the layers of your skin, you can’t just trust anyone to perform this minimally invasive treatment.

When selecting any professional, it’s essential you:

  • Review your artist’s work on their website portfolio and social media.
  • Consider all their most recent reviews.
  • Confirm whether anyone in your network has any experience with them.
  • Check where they received their training — whether it’s from a reputable trainer.

Microblading artists who can satisfy these points and have a strong foundational background in colour theory, morphology, shade matching and have an understanding of how brows naturally sit on the face are stars in our books. Wondering where to find someone like this? Right here — XoBrows has cemented itself as one of the leading brow artists in Sydney who can bring your eyebrows back to life.

The XoBrows Difference with Leila Skanda

At XoBrows, our heart beats for natural brow symmetry, and we appreciate its profound role in accentuating your innate beauty. Our dedication to facial morphology and golden ratio proportion guides our adaptive approach to services that complement your unique facial contours and individual flair for an effortlessly balanced and refreshed eyebrow mapping.

Leila Skanda, our certified microblading artist, is devoted to helping you say goodbye to the woes of uneven brows and welcome the confidence that comes with symmetrical, natural-looking eyebrows. Her meticulous attention to detail and personalisation in her craft sets her apart, ensuring you receive a pair of brows that perfectly complements your features and style.

Our mission at XoBrows is straightforward: we want every woman to walk out of our Sydney-based studio radiating confidence, carrying a pair of beautifully balanced brows and an outstanding smile to match.

With Leila Skanda at the helm of XoBrows, fixing uneven eyebrows has never been more straightforward or fulfilling. It’s time to discard the endless loop of plucking, waxing, and filling in and welcome effortless beauty.

Schedule an appointment for next-level eyebrow symmetry and elevated treatments

Ready to elevate your appearance and step out with killer brows that turn heads? XoBrows is Sydney’s leading eyebrow artist and trainer who can improve eyebrow symmetry, add volume and definition by precisely colour-matching our pigments to create a statement set that lasts for years.

Book your eyebrow appointment today, and let us guide you to symmetrical, captivating eyebrows that illuminate your unique allure. Or, talk to us about our ombre brows treatment that softens your eyebrows with a delicate powder makeup finish and a smooth, natural-looking colour-changing gradient.

Let’s say it again for the people in the back: make sure you remember that while we aim for perfect symmetry, eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Our approach is realistic, and the results, above all else, are naturally stunning and utterly beautiful. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of XoBrows.

If you operate your own salon and are looking to expand your range of treatments, our Eyebrow Microblading Training Course is your best bet to learn how to totally transform and rejuvenate your customer’s brows. Over an intensive two-day course you can take advantage of theory and practical coursework to ensure you can confidently cater to all your client’s needs and desires.