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As the leading brow bar in Sydney, our passion for crafting flawless brows has earned us a reputation as the go-to brow studio and brow boutique in the city. Established in 2017 by Leila, our founder and chief brow artist, XoBrows offers a range of brow services to meet your needs, from eyebrow shaping and waxing to microblading and feathering. 

Leila Skanda

Meet Our
Brow Specialist

Leila Skanda is a qualified and certified 3D Microblading artist, a passionate eyebrow enthusiast and a skilled brow technician. Leila’s passion for brows is genuine — she really enjoys helping her clients to transform their look with a perfectly tailored eyebrow at our brow bar in Sydney.

Leila’s journey began with rigorous training at some of the world’s top microblading academies. Her dedication and precision were quickly recognised by earning the prestigious Royal Artist title — a rare distinction held by only the most elite brow artists globally.

But Leila’s commitment to perfection didn’t stop there. She invested an additional two years in advanced microblading training, specialising in the ultra natural and fluffy brow technique. Today, she is one of Sydney’s very few Natural Brow Microblading Artists, setting her apart as a true master of her craft.

Currently working out of her brow studio in Rosebery, Sydney, Leila loves getting to know all of her client’s personalities to find the best suited eyebrows for their faces. For all enquiries, please click below.

Our brow bar services

Whether you’re seeking the latest brow trends or going for a timeless tint, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to enhance your natural beauty and transform your brows with our range of services at our Sydney brow boutique

  • Eyebrow Microblading & Feathering — Unlock the secret to effortlessly flawless brows with our Microblading and Feathering techniques. Say goodbye to daily brow routines and hello to natural-looking, semi-permanent brows that’ll leave you feeling confident and carefree.
  • Ombre Brows — Take your brow game to new heights with our Ombre Brows service. Embrace the latest trend in soft, gradient brows that effortlessly blend from light to dark, giving you a stunning and natural finish that’s Instagram-worthy.
  • Brow Lamination — Experience the magic of fluffier and more defined brows with our Brow Lamination treatment. Achieve that fresh-from-the-salon look every day as your brows stay perfectly in place, effortlessly framing your eyes for a captivating gaze.
  • Eyebrow Shaping & Waxing — Let our skilled specialists work their eyebrow sculpting magic to create the perfect frame for your face. You’ll end up with beautifully shaped brows that enhance your features, leaving you looking and feeling your best.
  • Eyebrow Tinting — Enhance your natural beauty with our Eyebrow Tinting service. Add depth and definition to your brows with a subtle tint that complements your hair colour, making your eyes pop and saving you precious time on your daily makeup routine.
  • Henna Brows — Henna Brows is the non-invasive, pain-free solution you’ve been waiting for. Crafted from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients, henna tinting is your passport to brow perfection. Unleash your inner confidence and let your brows do the talking.

A step-by-step guide to our microblading process

From the initial consultation to those finishing touches, the microblading process at our brow bar in Sydney is a personalised experience crafted just for you: 

  • Consultation It all begins with a friendly chat. We delve into your brow goals, unique features and lifestyle to craft your custom brow plan.
  • Eyebrow Mapping — Precision is key. Our artist carefully sketches the perfect brow, using symmetry and mapping to complement your natural beauty. Once you’re thrilled with the shape, we craft lifelike strokes filled with pigment at our brow studio, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural brows.
  • Microblading Touch-up In 4-6 weeks, we schedule a touch-up at our brow bar to ensure perfect pigment settling. 
  • Healing & Aftercare — Gorgeous, symmetrical brows take time. Expect a two-week initial healing period when brows may darken and flake before reaching your desired shade. Full healing takes about 4-8 weeks. Count on us for comprehensive aftercare guidance and answers to all your questions.

Build your expertise with our Eyebrow Microblading
Training Course

Uncover your potential with XoBrows’ exclusive brow studio training course. Become a certified brow artist and set yourself on a path to endless business and career growth opportunities, with ongoing support after the program ends. 

Our comprehensive program goes beyond microblading, offering insights into essential brow boutique strategies from day one. You’ll cover face and brow anatomy, colour theory, hygiene, law and insurance, all while getting hands-on experience with latex practice and live demonstrations. We’ll also provide you with valuable marketing and social media tips to build your brand even further.

Discover the secret to flawless brows by
exploring our Beauty Blog

Dive into a world of expert advice, insider tips and the latest trends in eyebrow care and styling. Our blog contains advice on brow shaping and grooming, detailed product reviews and top-secret makeup hacks to help you look your best. From understanding the microblading process to estimating the cost, managing potential risks and even learning about healing time and aftercare, our blog is your go-to source for all things eyebrows.

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Ready to get started with your brow makeover? Explore our pricing options below to start your journey to low-maintenance brows: 

  • Microblading (advanced technique) For $850, experience the intricate artistry of our Advanced Natural Brows Technique, delivering fuller and more detailed brows that redefine your look.
  • Touch-up Microblading — Priced at $250, this option is recommended 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment to ensure your brows maintain their stunning appearance.
  • Manual Shading (additional depth) — For just $100, choose this option at our brow boutique as an add-on to your microbladed brows to add more depth and a slightly more intense look. 
  • Brow Refreshers — Select this to keep your brows at their best. The ideal time for an appointment will vary depending on when you had your brows done. Please visit our website for pricing.

Don’t miss out on the brows you’ve always dreamed of. Book your microblading appointment online at our brow bar and let your beauty shine! If you’re interested in our other eyebrow services, leave us your contact details below, and our dedicated team will get back to you promptly.

XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda XoBrows By Leila Skanda

Before &

To appreciate the precision and detail of Leila’s Microblading work, swipe across these before and after examples.

Microblading workMicroblading work after
Leila microblading beforeLeila microblading after
Microblading before workmicroblading after work
Leila's precision strokes lead to a natural like hair appearance.
Feel at ease with a detailed consultation to find the perfect brow colour for you!

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