Microblading Aftercare: 5 Do’s & Don’ts For Maintaining Microbladed Eyebrows

While your journey to the dream of perfectly shaped, naturally lush brows begins with the bespoke microblading and feathering service, the adventure doesn’t end there.

Learning how to maintain microbladed eyebrows is a process, and the XoBrows microblading aftercare guide is designed to keep your brows as fabulous as the day you first stepped out of our studio.

This guide is your VIP ticket to preserving those stunning brows during the healing process after microblading to ensure they stay fresh and vibrant until your next touch-up. We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of aftercare for microblading, give you a day-by-day guide to the healing process, and shine a spotlight on those little eyebrow emergencies that may crop up during the microblading healing stages.

So, are you ready? Let’s embark on this journey together, maintaining the elegance of your brows, safeguarding their perfect condition, and ensuring you’re making the most of your transformed eyebrows with the XoBrows eyebrow microblading aftercare routine.

Microblading Healing Process Day by Day

Every beauty treatment is a unique journey; microblading healing is no exception. Each day brings new progress, a fresh stage of recovery, and another step closer to your dream brows. Here’s your personalised map to navigate each of the microblading healing stages:

  • Day 1 – 4 — Hello, new brows! Don’t be startled by their darker appearance and pronounced look — it’s all part of the process. During these initial days, gently apply your recommended healing balm or ointment with a clean cotton swab multiple times a day. Keep your beautiful brows dry and postpone that hot yoga session; we don’t want any sweaty situations.
  • Day 5 – 7At this stage of your microblading aftercare journey, your skin begins healing, which may result in flaking and itching. It might feel like a beauty test of patience, but stay strong and refrain from scratching or peeling. Continue to lavish your brows with the healing balm as directed.
  • Day 8 – 10 — As the itching stage takes its curtain call, your skin regenerates, revealing lighter brow hues. No need for a beauty panic attack — this colour transformation is a normal part of your eyebrows revamp. Continue gently cleansing your skin and keeping your brows moisturised.
  • Day 11 – 14 — Your eyebrows might pull a disappearing act by lightening further, possibly making you wonder if the pigment has vanished. Keep calm, beauties! This is just your skin continuing its healing performance.
  • Day 15 – 30 — Applause, please! Healing is near completion, and the shade of your brows begins its grand reveal. Keep calm and patient; your pigment will need some extra time to settle. Continue to shield your brows from any diva sun rays and resist using any harsh skin treatments.

The Glamourous Do’s of Microblading Aftercare

  1. Follow your artist’s guidance — Every microblading artist in Sydney has their very own instructions regarding aftercare for microblading, you should receive an aftercare guide and care kit following your session. Our skilled microblading and eyebrow-feathering artists are no different. They will guide you through the XoBrows aftercare process with crystal clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Remember, their advice is your path to brow perfection, so listen to their guidance and use your care kit accordingly.
  2. Keep the area clean — Use a mild, non-alcoholic cleanser to keep your eyebrows free from any nasties.
  3. Apply a healing balm or ointment — Your microblading artist will recommend a specific balm to calm your skin and speed up the healing process. Whether you have oily or normal/combo skin, your eyebrow microblading aftercare guide will directly inform you how much or how little balm to apply to your fresh microbladed eyebrows. This balm is used in the first 6 days, morning and night, to soothe the skin and assist the healing process. It will quickly become a part of your day-to-day routine, and before you know it, balanced, full and fluffy brows will become your everyday norm. Use as instructed to ensure the best possible results for your new brows.Protect from sun exposure — Microblading post-care is very important to the appearance and longevity of your semi-permanent eyebrows. So, after your 30-day transformation phase, treat your brows to a protective layer of sunscreen if you’re out in the sun. For extra protection, slather on a generous amount of a broad spectrum 50+ SPF to
  4. maintain the vibrancy of your new brows.
  5. Patience is a virtue — ‘Browpolar’ is the word we like to use to describe the rollercoaster of emotions you can feel during your microbladed eyebrows’ healing process. As your skin regenerates, you’ll notice the colour softening and your brows taking on a more natural, refined look. So from brows too dark to brows too light, to scabs and fading — stay calm, stay patient. Perfect microbladed eyebrows are on the horizon. Just trust the process, girl. Before you know it, the healing process will reveal a glamorous result.

The Absolute Don’ts of Microblading Aftercare

  1. Say ‘no’ to heat — Your newly microbladed eyebrows are delicate and will be sensitive to the sun’s UV/UVA rays and excess heat. Keep those sunbathing and sauna sessions on hold whilst your brows are in the initial healing phase (the first 30 days), and try to avoid any excess sweating through exercise.
  2. Resist scratching or picking — During the healing process, it’s common for your newly microbladed brows to flake just like any ordinary semi-permanent makeup but don’t sweat it, this is all part of your skin’s natural healing cycle and totally normal! You might feel the urge to scratch or pick during this period. Do your best to show some restraint and show your technician you have followed the best microblading aftercare regimen! Let your skin heal naturally.
  3. Steer clear of light and laser therapies — Light therapies and lasers can unnecessarily interfere with your healing brows. So, whether it’s light therapy or laser near the brows, both are a big no-no if you want to maintain those perfectly balanced microbladed eyebrows. Save these treatments for a date at least 30 days after your microblading session.
  4. Keep them dry — To preserve the elegance of your brows, you’ll need to avoid getting them wet, especially while showering. Try to avoid hot, steamy showers and getting them wet at any point during the first 6 days. You’ll also have to put off dips in swimming pools or the beach for at least the first 10 days post-glam-session.
  5. Limit face products — During the first 30 days of your healing cycle, show some caution with your face products around your eyebrows. Steer clear of creams and foundations with rejuvenating ingredients like Vitamin A. Give facials, chemical peels, fruit acid peels, or microdermabrasion a miss for the first month.

3 Bonus Tips To Achieve Flawless Brows During Your Aftercare Routine

  1. Take a break from the gym — Yes, we know you’re upset, you can’t hit your cardio goals and work up a sweat — and that’s the point. The salt and extra moisture in your sweat have the potential to fade your brows before they can set into their final shade. So don’t let the time and effort spent on your aftercare for microblading go to waste, and hit the pause button.
  2. Take a sip — Not of Champagne but water. It sounds like such a little thing to do, but it can work wonders for your eyebrow microblading aftercare. Staying hydrated will keep your skin plump and prevent dry, cracking and flaking skin from affecting the pigment’s potency.
  3. Be mindful of your hairspray — During the initial stages of your microblading aftercare routine, you did so well to avoid water, sweat and active skincare products. But there’s one more thing you may not have considered — your hairspray or dry shampoo. Your new brows are extra sensitive, and the fine particles in these sprays can affect your eyebrow’s healing.

While you can’t avoid not leaving the house, you can be more careful about how you style your hair. Try spraying the can a little closer to your hair in short bursts so you’re not encased in a cloud of the spray, or coat your eyebrows with a balm to trap and prevent the spray from getting in contact with your healing skin.

Extra Pampering for Oily Skin Beauties

For the hunnies with naturally dewy or oily skin, your microblading aftercare will require an extra step to ensure the best results. Because your skin’s natural gloss can cause the microblading pigment to fade faster during the first week’s healing period, blot the shine away with a clean tissue — no wiping, just a gentle touch to give yourself the best chance to achieve a flattering set of brows.

For girls with normal or combination skin, blotting is also fine if brows ever look shiny when balm has not been applied. Blot, blot, blot, just make sure to use a clean tissue for each brow and discard after.

You might not need to apply the healing balm as often as your dry-skinned friends since your natural oils provide enough moisture. When in doubt, contact XoBrows for advice on our eyebrows microblading aftercare routine.

How To Keep Microblading From Fading

With time, you may notice your eyebrows fading. This is part of the beauty journey and typically happens 18-30 months after the procedure. This timeline isn’t set in stone, as several factors can play a role in the fading process, including your skin type, lifestyle, sun frolicking, and the quality of the initial brow transformation.

When you start to see notable fading, it’s your signal to book a touch-up appointment. Consider it a beauty spa day for your brows, restoring them to their former glamour. Remember to stay on top of your touch-ups, and never let your aftercare for microblading drop to ensure that your brows continue to turn heads and reflect your glamorous self.

Beyond Aftercare For Microblading

After your new brows have blossomed, come into their own and you’re released from your prescribed microblading aftercare regime, you can finally put away your liner and stop filling in gaps and redrawing your arch. But it doesn’t mean your brows need no extra work — you still need to pay tribute to your now fluffy brows.

And yes, that means booking regular eyebrow shaping and waxing appointments to eliminate stray hairs, trim away overgrown follicles and preserve your arch’s dainty flick and curve. There’s also one thing you should keep from your eyebrow microblading aftercare routine — an SPF to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. With a daily application, you can try to prevent pigmentation issues and premature ageing from detracting from your new lustrous brows.

But for many of our beauty-loving gals, we know that sometimes microblading isn’t enough. That’s why many of you choose to add a brow lamination down the line to amp up the volume and keep your looks on-trend. With a pain-free and short session, we can help you reset and reshape your brows to inject extra definition and depth.

For girls whose eyebrow follicles naturally and prematurely lose their colour, keep your brows on point with a brow tint or henna eyebrows. Whether you want a colour match to your natural shade or you’re up to try something new, an experienced brow technician will help you bring your eyebrows back to life.

Your Journey with XoBrows Microblading & Feathering Aftercare

Remember that pristine brows don’t end with the first flutter of feathered, microbladed eyebrows; that’s just the beginning. Microblading aftercare is the secret to achieving awe-inspiring results and ensuring your microbladed brows continue to steal the spotlight.

By committing to the XoBrows Microblading & Feathering Aftercare guide, you’re one step closer to owning the flawless brows of your dreams. If you need more help with your microbalding post-care, don’t hesitate to dive into our FAQ section or contact us directly!

Ready to take the next step in your beauty journey? Book your appointment today to step out with a new set of confidence-boosting microbladed eyebrows or create a delicate finish with an ombre brow treatment.

Or, if you’re a brow technician who wants to take your career to the next level, register your spot in our Microblading Training Course. Over two intensive days, we’ll take a deep dive into everything from colour theory to practising on live models and latex so you can build strong foundational skills to cater to and impress your clients.