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Now is the time to take part of this booming industry and build your empire with Leila.

    Embark on an exciting journey with XoBrows’ comprehensive Eyebrow Microblading Course. Expand your skill set, become a certified brow artist, and unlock endless business and career growth opportunities!

    Our comprehensive cosmetic tattooing course goes beyond mastering the art of brow microblading. You’ll also gain valuable insights into practical strategies and techniques to elevate your business from day one. 

    Join XoBrows’ Microblading Course and get empowered with the technical skills and business knowledge needed to flourish as a successful eyebrow specialist.

    In this comprehensive Microblading Course, we cover all the essential aspects of microblading, from confidently handling a blade to understanding colour theory, ensuring that you gain the skills needed to excel in this field. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing expertise, our course has something to offer everyone.

    Following your passion and seizing amazing opportunities can sometimes put a squeeze on your wallet. If you’d like to take our Microblading Course in Sydney and are on a budget, we offer flexible payment plans to ensure this course is accessible to everyone.

    Here’s what you can expect from our Eyebrow Microblading Course in Sydney:

    1. Understanding the Beauty of Face and Brow Anatomy — We’ll start with the basics. Learning how to work with the natural features of the face and brows is the key to creating stunning and personalised eyebrow designs that truly enhance your clients’ beauty.
    2. Mastering the Art of Colour Theory Finding the perfect eyebrow colour is an art form. In our Microblading Course, we’ll explore colour theory, helping you select pigments that perfectly match your client’s skin tone, hair colour and preferences. This knowledge ensures your microblading work results in the most balanced and beautiful brows.
    3. Prioritising Hygiene, Law and Insurance With all things beauty, safety is paramount. We’ll guide you through essential hygiene regulations, legal requirements and insurance options in Australia to ensure you’re operating with confidence and professionalism.
    4. Hands-On Practice on Latex Practice makes perfect! During our Microblading Course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to refine your skills on latex, gaining confidence and precision with your blade before working on real models.
    5. Live Demonstrations and Model Work — Ever wondered how the pros do it? Our live demonstrations give you a front-row seat to observe techniques, ask questions and gain insights into the art of microblading. You’ll also have the chance to work on live models with our expert guidance.
    6. Building Your Brand and Marketing Skills In today’s competitive market, knowing how to showcase your talent is crucial. We’ll provide guidance on branding, using social media effectively and developing marketing strategies to help your microblading business flourish.
    7. Continuous Support Learning doesn’t end with our Microblading Course in Sydney. We’re committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring you have access to resources, advice and assistance as you embark on your microblading journey.
    8. Q&A Time — We encourage questions throughout the Microblading Course to make sure you truly grasp the material. Learning is a two-way street, and we’re happy to share our knowledge. 
    9. Certificate of Completion — Once you successfully finish our Eyebrow Microblading Course, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Completion. It’s our way of recognising your dedication and skill in this craft.
    10. 10. Complimentary Professional Microblading Kit — As an extra treat, our Microblading Course comes with a comprehensive professional microblading kit worth more than $800. This kit has all the top-notch tools and a variety of pigments you’ll need to jumpstart your career as an eyebrow tattoo artist.

    What Are You Waiting For?
    Enrol Now. Strictly Limited Places.

    Why Choose Our Microblading Course?

    Our eyebrow tattoo course goes beyond the traditional 2-day training and extends over 3 days. This extra day ensures more exposure and more one-on-one time with your trainer.

    You’ll learn business fundamentals, social media strategies, tips for onboarding clients, communication skills, branding insights, and photography and editing skills. Our comprehensive course prepares you not only to master microblading but also to handle the business aspects with confidence and efficiency.

    Our microblading training is ideal for women with passion, determination, and a desire to pursue an eyebrow microblading career.

    Seeking women with a whole lotta’ hustle and heart who want to make a career out of Microblading.

    What's Included in XoBrows’ Microblading Training Course?

    FREE Start-Up Kit

    The kit provided at the start of your training includes over $800 worth of tools and products to kickstart your business.

    Microblading Artist Certification

    You'll receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the 3-day training. You'll receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing your assessment.

    Expert Advice & Tips

    Besides learning tips & tricks about microblading, you'll gain valuable insights into the industry's business side.

    Training Depth

    Dive into various topics, from face and brow anatomy to social media strategies and dealing with live models.

    Social Media Tips

    Learn about social media algorithms and the pros & cons of various social platforms.

    Self-Promotion Skills

    Discover how to promote yourself and reflect your personality through your brand.

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    • What criteria do I need to meet?

      Must be 18 years old.
      Must have or commit to getting during or after the course but before starting work is your Maintain Infection Control 005 certificate.

    • Do I need to have industry experience?

      No experience in cosmetic semi permanent tattoo or beauty industry is required. But a passion for the industry is a plus.

    • How much is your course?

      Our course is $5,000 plus gst

    • A lot of courses on the market run over 2 days why is yours over 3 days?

      Leila has structured her course over 3 days instead of 2 to benefit you so you absorb in a lot more information and it also gives the class the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and be interactive.

    • What do you cover in those 3 days?

      A few of the things we cover are:
      The fundamentals of having microblading as your career.
      The dos and don’ts.
      Colour theory.
      The correct way to hold the blade.
      Lots of latex practice and 1:1 time.
      Leila’s personal experience and motivating journey.
      Brow shaping and brow styles.
      Dealing with clients before, during and after.
      Business tips and what you need to start.
      Where to shop and what to buy.
      Live demonstrations and models.
      Certificate of attendance.

      Please send us an email and we will send you a full course outline.

    • What type of pay system do you have?

      We use Payright if you cannot commit to paying the full amount. You can also do half half.

    • Can I do brows after 3 days?

      No, you will not be able to do the course and do brows instantly. You will have an assessment to do in which you will have to pass stages before you get to live models. We think it’s crucial to get used to holding the blade and working on latex before doing brows straight away especially if you’ve never done it before. If you rush into it the quality of your work won’t be the same. Leila has offered amazing support to her students after the course to better their skills and be confident microblading artists.

    • What kind of support will I get and for how long?

      Leila will guide you through the steps in stages from drawing brows to doing latex practice from head strokes, transition and the rest of the brow of course. You will have 1:1 communication with her. How quickly you pass the stages depends on how much practice you do and how much you send to her. When you send your work to Leila she will provide her feedback and send back to you. She will assess and let you know if you’re ready to move along. Trust us when we tell you this is all in your favour. Leila really wants her students to succeed and learn the art properly. She will not short cut you.

      Leila is offering 6 months support but will never leave her students waiting for answers if they have questions beyond that. If you have anything you need to ask her even if it’s 1 year down the track, she will get back to you.

    • I already know how to microblade, but I love your style. Do I need to do all the theory days?

      No you won’t. We can focus on technique and the styles of brows. This is our advanced brow shaping and design course. It can be done over 1 or 2 days depending on your level of experience.