Brow Lamination


Get ready to elevate your brow game to new heights with Brow Lamination! It’s a game-changing beauty treatment that will give you the brows of your dreams. Brow lamination is a non-invasive procedure that involves reshaping and setting your natural brow hairs using a specialised solution. The result? Brows that look effortlessly fuller, perfectly groomed, and on-point, giving you a well-defined look using your natural brow hairs.

Your Brow Lamination Journey

Slightly different to a brow perm, brow lamination involves straightening the brow hairs using a specially formulated keratin solution for eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination is a two-step treatment that provides a painless solution for eyebrows that don’t have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern.

The first step after the consultation to understand your desired look is applying a solution to set the brow hairs in place. In this step, your brow hairs will be chemically straightened, combed and shaped to achieve the desired eyebrow style.

After the initial setting, another solution is applied to seal the eyebrows, effectively laminating them and creating the desired appearance. Lastly, we finish with brow tinting and shaping to achieve the desired colour and shape for fluffy and flattering eyebrows.

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Brow Lamination Appointment


    What is Brow Lamination?

    Brow Lamination, also called eyebrow lamination or lamination brows, is a non-invasive procedure designed to create the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. It’s the perfect solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern. With lamination, the brows can be realigned in such a way as to give them the desired shape you want with a fuller, bushier look.

    How long does Brow Lamination last?

    Typically, the results of Brow Lamination last between 4-6 weeks, depending on your skincare routine and how you maintain them. Just like a lash lift, the longevity of the effects largely depends on the natural cycle of your hair growth.

    What are the benefits of Brow Lamination?

    Brow Lamination helps create uniformly-shaped eyebrows, offering a groomed, defined look without needing makeup or fillers. This treatment can help to tame unruly brows or give more volume to thin or overplucked eyebrows. Brow Lamination is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the “brushed up” editorial look or those seeking a fuller look without resorting to microblading or semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos.

    What happens if I get my brows wet after Lamination?

    Avoid getting your brows wet for at least 24 hours after the lamination procedure. This includes avoiding workouts that might cause sweating, saunas, and steamy showers. Water can interrupt the development of the Brow Lamination process and affect the final result.

    How long does Brow Lamination take?

    A Brow Lamination session at XoBrows by Leila typically takes about an hour. This includes consultation, brow shaping, lamination process, and final touches to ensure perfect results.

    Is a Brow Lamination worth it?

    Brow Lamination is worth considering if you’re looking for a non-permanent, non-invasive, and relatively affordable solution to enhance your natural brows. This treatment immediately transforms your brows, making them look fuller, neater, and perfectly styled.

    Eyebrow Lamination vs Microblading: What Do I Choose?

    Both eyebrow lamination and microblading aim to enhance the appearance of the brows, but they do so in different ways. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that adds hair-like strokes to the brows for a natural look, lasting between 1-3 years. Brow Lamination, on the other hand, is a treatment that restructures your existing eyebrow hairs to keep them in the desired shape for up to 6 weeks. It’s a great non-permanent alternative for those who wish to experiment with the body and look for their brows without commitment.

    What is the Brow Lamination Aftercare?

    After the Brow Lamination procedure, avoid touching your brows or getting them wet for at least 24 hours. Also, avoid applying makeup or any other products on them during this period. After 24 hours, you can treat your brows as usual but try to treat them gently. Regularly applying a brow serum can help keep the hair healthy and nourished.

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