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XoBrows offers expert eyebrow microblading and feathering services, providing you with meticulously crafted and natural-looking eyebrows that enhance you facial features and boost confidence.

Discover the art of Ombre Eyebrows at XoBrows, where our skilled artists create beautifully blended and gradient eyebrows, giving you a soft, shaded look that complements your unique style and lasts for an extended period.

Experience Brow Lamination at XoBrows and achieve perfectly groomed and lifted eyebrows. This innovative eyebrow service tames unruly brow hairs, creating a sleek and uniform look that lasts, leaving you with effortlessly stunning brows.

At XoBrows, indulge in the precision of Eyebrow Shaping & Waxing to achieve impeccably sculpted brows that complement your facial structure. Our brow experts skillfully shape and define your eyebrows, leaving you with a polished and sophisticated look.

Transform your brows with XoBrows' Eyebrow Tinting service, where our professionals use high-quality, semi-permanent dye to enhance the colour and definition of your eyebrows, resulting in bold and well-defined brows that elevate your overall look.

Experience the natural beauty of Henna Eyebrows at XoBrows, where our skilled eyebrow specialists use premium henna dye to create stunning and long-lasting brow designs, providing you with fuller, bolder, and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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